Monday, May 9, 2011

Get your free Black Ops Escalation DLC here!

If you haven't been living under a rock the past few weeks, then you know what's out today: Escalation, the second content pack for Call Of Duty: Black ops. This DLC pits you against zombies, which is uncharacteristically refreshing to the CoD series. We happen to have a few DLC codes to give out entirely for free, but it's first come first serve!

What's included in the DLC that we're giving out for free:

  • Four entirely new multiplayer maps, based on good zombie fun
  • A new level populated with zombie NPCs ready to eat your bullets
  • New playable characters
Again, these DLC codes are completely free and first come first serve; we will run out! If you're interested in getting some free Black Ops DLC, then click below for your chance to get it!
As we said before, we're giving these keys completely for free. They are also first come first serve. That being said, we don't have an infinite amount of DLC, so we'll need you to follow a few steps to prove you really want the DLC. NOTE: When you enter this page, you'll be presented with a screen to fill out a short survey. This survey is completely free and put in place to guarantee you are not a robot that is harvesting DLC codes.

After you've filled out the survey, to get your DLC codes, all you need to do is post a comment on this blog and answer a few questions to show you really want the code. We'll give codes to those with the best answers!

Complete the following steps for your chance to get a beta key:

1) Click Here to go to our FaceBook fan-page and click the Like button!

NOTE: The above step is the most important in being selected for the free DLC!

2) Describe to us how you first felt when you played the Black Ops campaign, and if you like it better than Modern Warfare 2.
3) Tell us your best rage story after playing Black Ops online.
4) Did you preorder Black Ops?

Good luck receiving your free DLC!


Anonymous said...

Thought the black ops game play was too short but prefer it to MW2 but the overall beauty is COD 4 still to date but I like to keep up to date with these new games and cant wait to play the new stuff!!! Of course I pre-orderd Black Ops r u mad! lol

Anonymous said...

The campaign was the best since COD 4. MW2's campaign was very dissapointing and way too short. Black Ops' campaign had some very impressive missions ,especially the ones where you had to be stealthy and use the knife.

Not really sure what a rage story is, but overall i just had much more fun online in BO than MW2, much better maps, and while it really is more of the same, the game feels different. COD gets alot of hate, but it's fun as hell online.

And yes, i did preorder BO at the time.

Erik Huntoon said...

Definitely enjoyed the single player of Black Ops but was surprised by how short it was. Completed the game easily on the same day I first played it.

I only played online once with Black Ops. Found the 2 maps I played to be nothing short of race tracks which rewarded those that ran a circuit vs those that wanted the more strategic element of using cover and looking for a pitched battle.

Did not pre-order Black Ops.

ccocacolaa13 said...

When I played the Black Ops Campaign I thougt it was really interesting. Especially how you are being interrogated. I love how after you are captured and are on the dock you come back at the end and see the name of the ship. It really ties the whole campaign together. Compared to Modern Warfare 2, I thought it was kind of slow. MW2 was all run and gun and I thought some moments in BO were a bit slow. It was also very short. MW2's campaign took me about four hours and BO's only took me about two and a half. Overall I liked MW2's campaign more. It left you with that cliffhanger that we all wanted!
... Ok so my rage story... I had been in a slump all day so I picked up a noob gun (AK-74u) and just run and gunned for fun... I had the spy plane, napalm, and for some odd reason, dogs as my killstreaks. I got to ten kills and was psyched for dogs especially in the slump I was in. I guess you could even call it a nerdgasam... Anyway I was in a great line of sight to kill my last victim when, wouldn't you know it, I was noob tubed!! I was freaking out and cussing people out!! I was just done. I almost threw my Xbox controller on the ground and broke it, but it fell on my couch so it was safe. I charged up to my console and slammed the power button. Well... yeah...that's my rage story...
Unfortunately... I did not get to order Black Ops... I had to wait like three days to get it. I stood those three days listeing to my friends brag about how cool it was. When I went to buy it after what seemed like forever, I got the last copy on the shelf!

Bob Mozzillo said...

I really enjoyed the Black Ops campaign. It continued the epic tradition of Call Of Duty single players. I think I may have enjoyed the Black Ops Campaign slightly more, and I loved the addition of some of the "real" characters like Kennedy and Castro.
I think I have a rage story for just about every map, but getting hit with a hatchet from across the map in several maps is high on the list.
Yes I pre-order Black Ops and will do the same for the new one.

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